UHP water sandblasting

Thanks to its pressurized water projection at 2500 bar via our robotic solution, this process makes it possible to strip a coated surface and find the original profile of the metal support. This method is particularly suitable for work on site with high quality and restrictive environmental requirements.

This pickling technique has many advantages:

• protection against splashes of particles, grease, rust, traces of paint and coating that could cause injury or poisoning.
• reduced water consumption thanks to our water recycling and treatment system.
• elimination of arduous work and preservation of human capital in difficult environments.

Robot Processus Lavage

Protection of operators

Increased productivity - Area = 7 m2/h.

Reduced lead times

Collection and treatment of waste


Ultra High Pressure (UHP) system
process diagram

1  – UHP sandblasting chamber mounted on the robot tool holder 

2 – UHP sandblasting system 

3 – Silo and water treatment system to the container: depolution 

4 – Suction system – Vacblast 45 Sibilia

5 – Nomad’o container

Equipment and technical data

UHP sandblasting chamber
(mounted on the robot tool)
Hammelmann Aquajet 14
(UHP system)
Vacblast 45 Sibilia
(Suction system)
Different models : Free jet 1 Flat or Rotary head, Free Jet 2 heads Flat or Rotary OPTION :
  • Closed circuit water treatment

Engine: Diesel Deutz 120 KW 

Consumption: 16 L / h. (Fuel) 

Max pressure: 2500 bar 

Max flow: 27 L / min 

Weight: 2400 Kg 

Dimension (L x W x H): 4540 mm x 1930 x 2450 

Motor: Electric 45 kW direct start 

Vacuum: 0.6 bar 

Max flow rate: 2100 m3 / h. 

Weight: 2090 Kg 

Dimension (L x W x H): 2450 mm x 1200 x 2320