HP washing – 400 bar

The fairing of your boat is essential!
This involves cleaning the submerged part of the ship’s hull to maintain its performance and lifespan. It is also an essential step because by cleaning your boat hull you will realize the general condition of your boat and if necessary, any work to be done, it is for your safety!

The robotic high pressure washing allows safe cleaning while maintaining a perfect projection distance with the hull. The nozzle is at a precise angle so that it can reduce the power of the jet and avoid damaging the hull and the paint coating.

Robot Processus Lavage

Protection of operators

Increased productivity

Reduce vessel downtime in dry dock

Collection and treatment of waste

automatic high pressure system
Process diagram

1  – High pressure gun with flat jet nozzle mounted on the tool holder of the robot

2 – High pressure pumping system 

3 – Silo and water treatment system to the container: pollution control 

4 – Suction system

5 – Nomad’o container 


Equipment and technical data
High pressure gun
(mounted on the tool holder of the robot)
Hammelmann HDP 32
(HP motor pump unit)
Vacblast 45 Sibilia
(Suction system)
Different models:

– Free jet 1 Flat or Rotary head

– Free Jet 2 Flat or Rotary heads


  • Capture at the source diameter 300 mm,
  • Vacuum system,
  • Water treatment

Motor: Electric 30 kW direct start 

Max pressure: 400 bar 

Max flow: 40 L / min 

Weight: 830 Kg 

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1500 mm x 865 x 1450 

Power: 30 kW 

Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz or 440 – 460 V / 60 Hz 

(Connection by means of a CEE 63 A connector) 

Motor: Electric 45 kW direct start 

Max vacuum: 0.6 bar 

Max flow rate: 2100 m3 / h. 

Weight: 2090 Kg 

Dimension (L x W x H): 2450 mm x 1200 x 2320 


GreenDock robot in action

Robot washing process shipyard – DAMEN