Hydroelectric power

AMBPR works in partnership with the company ACRI Ingénierie and offers a mobile robot for stripping and painting pipes.


In the field of penstock processing, the current practice is not only to carry out the three steps manually (cleaning, stripping, painting) but also to create a suitable working environment.
The AMBPR robot allows to stop using containment and scaffolding. The current “pilot” version carries out stripping but it already allows to illustrate the progress compared to current practices.

Stripping is performed by a robot equipped with a nozzle that emits a jet of water at very high pressure. The nozzle is placed under a cover in order to suck at the source that has been stripped.
This innovative source capture process minimizes the exposure of interveners and the risk of dispersion of stripped products in the environment.

It allows to :
• limit the containment of the site in the treated area
• avoid the implementation of scaffolding,
• avoid containment in extreme conditions (slope, steep terrain}
• reducing the number of helicopter rotations required to set up construction site facilities.