Surface preparation

Abrasive Sandblasting


UHP Water Sandblasting

Ultra High Pressure

Collection of waste at source
No polluting fog
Respect the environment
Waste recycling

Revive the shine, clean or strip the hulls of ships, a fast and effective High Technology, allows to generate a significant saving on the times of interventions, the stops of production with an exceptional result!

UHP (Ultra High Pressure) cleaning offers fast and effective results! Water under pressure pushed up to 2500 bars takes off almost all existing pollutants and above all preserves the condition of the support because there is no wear, abrasion or scratch on the treated support. The treatment water is recovered, then filtered in order to recover paint waste.

• The abrasive blasting technique, known to most of us, is mainly used for the treatment of large structures (bridges, ships, etc.), the elimination of old layers of paint or the matting of bare surfaces for reasons aesthetic. Our mobile sandblasting unit has a large abrasive container, it can be transported or moved. With our system, long working times are possible and makes it perfectly suitable for large surface treatment.